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Enrollment and Withdrawal Procedures

The second open enrollment is currently opened through January 30, 2020. If you withdraw your child after January 30, 2020, you may re-enroll until SY 2020-2021. NO EXCEPTIONS. This policy is created in the best interest of your child in order to have the opportunity for academic success. Student performance reporting is necessary to ensure proper academic advancement.

FIRST PRIORITY of enrollment at DCGS will be given to students who had excellent attendance and positive behavior from the previous school year. Former and current students who have been on attendance or behavior contracts will be placed on a waiting list or may not be considered for enrollment. Upon acceptance, a behavioral and/or attendance contract will be required for the next school year.

Kindergartners must be five (5) years old by the first Friday in November to enroll for the current school year. Kindergarten students are not eligible to enroll in the Residential Program. This does not apply to students with a Social Services order/ Court order.

Withdrawals must be initiated by the parent or guardian through the registrar's office. The school strongly discourages parents from a pattern of enrolling, withdrawing, and re-enrolling students.

The following documentation is required to enroll a new student at DCGS:

  • Certificate of Indian Blood
  • Birth Certificate
  • Updated/Current Immunization Records
  • Current Guardianship Papers and/or Power of Attorney
  • IEP (Individualized Education Plan)
  • SAT Referrals (Student Assistance Team)
  • Report Card from previous school reflecting current grade level/Proof of Grade Level Promotion/Retention
  • Required to take an Academic Assessment (Test)
  • Attendance and Behavior Contracts

Our school upholds suspensions and expulsions of previous school attended. Any student expelled from another school will not be accepted. Suspensions and expulsions must be cleared with the last school attended before enrolling. Enrollment will be considered incomplete if all documents are not received at the time of registration.

All new students and those enrolling at the start and/or middle of the school year are REQUIRED to take an academic assessment to determine their grade-level performance. If the student is more than two years below their grade level based on the assessment results, the possibility of retention will be applied (Parent must sign the New Enrollment Agreement form).

Student will be interviewed by the Principal for permission to enroll. With a favorable interview, the student will be referred directly to the Registrar to complete the registration process.

The school reserves the right to decline enrollment to any student for non-compliance of the above requirements. Dzilth-Na-O-Dith-Hle is a school of choice.

New Students that have completed Kindergarten at another school, but does not meet our age requirement, shall be required to be enrolled in Kindergarten at our school.

All students must be toilet trained. If the school becomes aware of the child not being toilet trained, he/she may be dis-enrolled or the parent will resume the responsibility to shadow their child daily in the toilet training process. Parent must bring extra clothing for their Kindergarten student to store at the school in case of emergency.


The following documentation is required to enroll a returning student at DCGS:

  • Updated/Current Immunization Records
  • Current Guardianship Papers and/or Power of Attorney, if appropriate
  • Attendance and Behavior Contracts

All students are to meet the requirements as set forth by the DCGS Board of Directors and the State of New Mexico.

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