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Monday, September 25

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Character Counts



A Person of Character values all person, lives by the Golden Rule , respects the dignity, privacy and freedom of others, is courteous and polite to all and is tolerant and accepting of differences. 



Navajo Culture

Bine’anit’ą́ą́ts’ósí góne’ Diné k’ehjí Yáti’ Bóhoo’aah—September Daily Language Practice

Word Practice:   Shizhé’é yázhí – My dad’s brother    * Shibízhí – My Aunt (Dad’s sister)    *Shidá’í/Shiyáázh—My uncle (mom’s brother)

 Phrase Practice:  “[-dę́ę́’ = from] Naayízídę́ę́’ naashá.” I am from Nageezi.

Character Building:   “Nihi na’nitin baa ákonisin dooleeł (I will recognize Diné teaching of self-identity)